Frank Scurlock is ready to propose at the drop of a top hat. Admittedly, being super wealthy increases Frank s chances of getting a woman he s just met to agree to accept his Jason of Beverly Hills diamond engagement and wedding ring and commit to live with him and love him for all eternity, but so does the prospect of being married to the next mayor of New Orleans who has an actual plan to fix the pot holes. And this barely scratches the surface of the subjects Frank traverses during this hour from drinks with sheikhs in Qatar to dinner with titans on Wall Street and Disney style factories in New Orleans East. Including male multiple orgasms. Shane Avrard from the band The Noise Complaints comes up with a suggestion for Frank the expandable wedding ring. It s a one size fits all wedding ring for the spontaneous, impulsive proposer. Shane also manages to dismiss the entire contents of the Bible in this conversation as well as play two impressive songs off the band s new record, Feed It Back To Me. When you embark on a conversation in a bar about where our souls and spirits come from and go to you can only hope for so much. Dr Jess Tregle who is a healer and the author of the book Heal Your Spirit and Empower Your Life, manages to get most of the way through an explanation of what we are all doing here on Earth before Frank has to take a call from his printer in Beverly Hills. But everyone at the table knows a lot more about our inner selves by the last round of drinks than than they did when they sat down with a cocktail. If you re looking for a true collection of random, smart, fascinating New Orleanians, you ve found it with this edition of Happy Hour. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon. Oh, by the way, if you want to call or text Mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock, 504 575 4484.