It s the Little Things in life that make you happy, right That s why Shanece Gransam and Katy Channing called themselves The Little Things and you won t find a cuter, happier, ukulele playing, harmonizing couple anywhere. Shanece and Katy met in Florida but couldn t run away quick enough to get to New Orleans where, unlike Florida, people don t come up to you in restaurants and suggest that being a biracial lesbian couple don t cut it. We re angling for an invitaion to Katy and Shanece s "full on Hindu wedding." As you ll hear on the show, the brides are planning on both wearing saris. Kris Gabik knows how to make The Little things household words. Kris s brand storytelling biz, 84 Flash, did it for Irvin Mayfield, Tales of the Cocktail, and the Ritz Carlton Hotel, so how hard could it be to sell two "totally hot" girls Kris is right on it after the next maragarita. Rachel Dangermond is one of Happy Hour s favorite guests. Never short of an opinion or a quick comeback, Rachel is handing on the family trait to her son, Tin, who makes his debut on this episode of Happy Hour threatening to punch a guy s lights out, reminiscing about Spain, giving The Little Things some musical career advice, and begging for trains. Andrew Duhon is about to head off to India. Before he goes he tries out a brand new song about dancing in Heaven. All the photos on this page are at Casa Borrega and were taken by Douglas Engel.