Gwen Thompkins is host of the authoritative and quintessential New Orleans music show, Music Inside Out, on NPR station WWNO. Gwen s tenure in Sudan and East Africa as cash toting bureau chief in that neck of the woods has given her a wide worldview out of which has come her solution to the debate over guns in America pies. What if, instead of shooting each other, we each had an armory of pies which we unload on each other with an accompaniment of suitable epithets John Richie is taking the pie idea under advisement. His new documentary is called 91 for the 91 of the population who believe in background checks for all gun buyers and examines why 100 of Congress refuse to act on the will of the people. Rich Collins is side tepping the gun issue in favor of a more upbeat and sunny view of the world on his new record, Golden Pick. He also has a new oputlook on the music busines and a full schedule with the other side of his music life, the Imagination Movers. Chris Lee drops by with his beautiful baby blue guitar and an atrtitude that s anything but baby or blue. For his new year s resolution Chris who, remember is the front man for ass kicking, take no prisoners rockband Supagroup has decided for this year he s going to kick ass, take no prisoners, and not give a sh t what anybody thinks about anything he has to say. If you think Chris was smart, sharp, and outspoken laste year , wait till you hear this year s version. Check out he song he sings on this show about who owns his freedom. Andrew Duhon is just waiting for someone to break in his house so he can string up his curve bow and arrow and let em have it. Photos at Wayfare by Catherine King.