Leigh Isaacson and Alison McConnell had never met before today. Leigh is the creator of Dig, the dog people s dating app. Which is just what it sounds a dating app for dog people. Alison is a rock musician. Her music was originally born out of despair. Now she just likes to kick ass with a guitar in her hand and a band behind her. What Leigh and Alison have in common is their sordid past. They were both journalists. Leigh was a broadcast journalist on Fox 8 in New Orleans, as well as working around and the country and in Africa. Alison wrote about municipal bonds for news outlets in Washington D.C. They both got out of journalism because of the "tornado of negativity" that is today s world of journalism. It seems like it s even more negative on other side of the camera, if you can even imagine that. Now Leigh is rocking the dating world with Dig, and Alison is dating the rock world with her band, Rebel Roadside. Brian Held Jr is the only Brian Held Jr among the 2 billion people on Facebook. Brian Held Sr is probably only a short drive away up the I 10, but better not to bring that up. Brian Jr is the host The Week In Geek on radio station WRNO and you can find out all about that by checking out TWIG Radio. Brian also dresses up in costumes he makes himself and appears at festivals and in movies as characters that include Darth Vader. Andrew Duhon, criss crossing the country with the release of his new album False River and back in town for the afternoon, stops by and tries out a new song he s in the process of writing. If you re a fan, check out this very first rendition and follow the song s progress through shows and eventually onto a record. It s a fun process that Happy Hour regulars have shared with Andrew over the past, believe it or not, 7 years. Photos at Wayfare by Jill Lafleur.

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