Darcy Malone had the good fortune to get a text from her dad, Dave, from The Radiators, at the same time as she was in the middle of a heated email exchange with a friend. The text from her dad was a guitar riff and Darcy wrote lyrics over the riff, describing her email friend messing with the truth, like she was "Whippin it like meringue." Today, Rory Callais from Darcy s band, Darcy Malone and The Tangle, plays the part of Darcy s dad and the song is the kick off to the band s latest EP, Pure as Gold. Btw, if you re looking for a role model for yourself or your daughter, Darcy is the nicest person in the world to have gotten expelled from Sacred Heart. Mavis Early also went to Sacred Heart, but not the same one. Apparently, defying even divine anatomy, there used to be two sacred hearts. The one Mavis went to was on Canal Street and boy were things different back then. Mavis describes a sort of self selected caste system where you chose, at age 13, whether you were going to be rich or poor, white collar or blue collar. Mavis chose the right track and went on to become Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Hotel and Lodging Association. Honestly, making up hotel beds has never sounded so attractive. "Mavis is persuasive" might be Darcy Malone s next song. Kevin Wilkins could have had a great career as a concert pianist if he hadn t thrown it all away on a lousy MBA from Harvard. Today Kevin is the founder and managing director of Trepwise, a company that helps other companies get successful. Occasionally he still sneaks out of his man cave to tickle the ivories. Asher Griffith joins the conversation Today Asher is just another college grad with a giant loan to pay back, tomorrow he s going to be the manager of the Hilton Hotel. If you listen till the end of this conversation you ll get to be "whippin it like Zeringue." Won t ruin it for you but it s a pretty funny moment. Photos at Wayfare by Jill Lafleur.

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