When you had a vasectomy at age 30 via a doctor who apparently decided it wasn t a moment too soon to remove you from the gene pool , then fall in love with a woman who s determined to have a baby, the solution is obvious a sperm donation from your gay best friend and shared parenthood with donor dad and his partner. Andy Overslaugh tells Happy Hour about son WIlder s three dads, Wilder s mom Lori and her Leap Day proposal, and their surprisingly unsurprising, unconventional family. Although he says he s best known as Lori Tipton s fianc , Andy is what Happy Hour guest host Rich Collins calls a "five in one" threat. What else do you call a 20 year bartender whose incarnations include indie professional wrestler, Katrina race car driver, standup bass smashing leader of a 90s rockabilly band, and one of Wilder s dads Don t miss his tip for men who want to hang out at Victoria s Secret without creeping out the clientele. Andy s most vivid stories describe the wild world of professional wrestling, complete with hidden razors, gushing blood and a nemesis called Dick Nasty, so you might be surprised to know he s a big fan of Renaissance festival jousting. Speaking of which, Happy Hour favorite George Elizondo recounts the time he played at a Renaissance festival...with a Motown band...to an audience of no one. At least he got to eat a big turkey leg when it was over. George s copy music for the sponsorship announcements chills out the house. When she realizes a missing guest has resulted in a show reeking of testosterone, Happy Hour producer Graham da Ponte steps in to provide some estrogen...and is promptly reduced to tears by Rich s devastating song about New Orleans s mean streets. Finally, Andrew Duhon makes his last Happy Hour appearance of the month before heading for an east coast tour find his dates for a club near you at AndrewDuhon.com. Rich Collins of the Imagination Movers, guest hosting for Grant, keeps things moving with some stories of his own including the tender tale of a 10 year underpants ritual and some seriously grownup music.

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