Japan is a land of long traditions including the intricate art of crafting Japanese knives, and today on Japan Eats, host Akiko Katayama is sitting down with Saori Kawano, founder and president of Korin Japanese Trading Corp. Sharing how she moved from Japan to New York in 1978 to pursue her lifelong dream of bringing Japanese knives and tableware into American restaurants and homes, Saori highlights the history, styles, and uses for these knives. Curious what distinguishes a western blade from a traditional Japanese knife or why your sashimi is cut so precisely? Tune in to this informative episode! This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

“We can trace the history of Japanese knives back more than 1200 years to the traditional samurai sword makers.” [4:32]

“The most popular traditional Japanese knives for western chefs are usuba knives.” [26:39]

“Sharpening knives is very good meditation time; don’t think about anything else just focus on sharpening the knife. It’s a very peaceful moment.” [29:47]

Saori Kawano on Japan Eats