What do Japanese udon and jazz music have in common? Tune in to Japan Eats as Akiko Katayama is in studio with musician Kyoko Oyobe who hails from an udon and soba noodle family! Her father is well known in Japan for his quality, homemade udon and has served it in his restaurants for years. Kyoko shares her experiences growing up as a pianist in a food household and that while she may have studied music since she age four, she still knows a great deal about this delicious and versatile noodle. Interlaced with udon talk and musical selections from her upcoming jazz album, “Happy Silence,” this show is not to be missed! This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

“For me, udon is very light, not heavy like ramen.” [29:40]

“I grew up with udon and in the restaurant there are so many memories. My parents… are making people happy by serving a bowl of udon… I want to put out my good spirit and make people happy with my music. ” [32:30]

Kyoko Oyobe on Japan Eats