Japan Eats is back!  Host Akiko Katayama welcomes Shuho Yagi, owner of TIC Group, to the studio for a talk about his life and times, building a successful business, helping to define Japanese cuisine in New York City, plus establishing “Japantown” located in the East Village.  He shares that he fatefully missed his Japanese college entrance exam by ten minutes which prompted him to take his tuition money on an adventure to the United States.  Working his way as a short order cook, he quickly realized the untapped potential of introducing Japanese food to the American palate.  Priding himself by implementing traditional Japanese cooking techniques, it is no surprise that his T.I.C. Group is comprised of multiple, thriving restaurants that allow patrons to “Enjoy Japan without Airfare!”


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“My concept is always original, go back to the original, that is key.” [39:00]

–Shuho Yagi on Japan Eats