Born and raised in New York, though has called Japan home for more than four decades, writer and Japanese Food Culture Specialist Elizabeth Andoh joins host Akiko Katayama for another informative episode of Japan Eats.  Explaining that her formal culinary training was taken at the Yanagihara School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine, in Tokyo, it was in 1972 that she began her own culinary arts program, A Taste of Culture. Combining spicy tidbits of food lore with practical tips and skill-building lessons on how to prepare Japanese food, Elizabeth’s programs are conducted in Tokyo and offer a unique opportunity for foreign residents and visitors from overseas to explore and enjoy Japan’s culture through its food.  Tune in to hear more about Elizabeth’s fascinating path through the Japanese culinary world.


“I often say what got me in to food was a bad bowl of noodles!” [9:00]

“If you have a balanced meal – sweet, sour, salty – it’s likely you will avoid food cravings.” [17:30]

“Long before Iron Chef there was this notion that you could make a whole meal out of a single ingredient.” [23:00]

—Elizabeth Andoh on Japan Eats