Our guest is Erik Ramirez, who is the chef and owner of the modern Peruvian restaurant Llama Inn, the casual Peruvian spot Llamita and the modern Nikkei Peruvian restaurant Llama San.  

Peruvian cuisine is a hot genre in the culinary world right now.  As you may know, there are Peruvian citizens of Japanese ancestry called Nikkei who has influenced Peruvian cuisine over the last century.  And Erik is a Nikkei descent.

Nikkei cuisine is getting attention globally too.  For example, Ferran and Alberto Adria brothers of El Bulli opened the Nikkei restaurant Pakta in Barcelona in 2013, and Maido in Lima, Peru is currently ranked #10 in the 50 World Best Restaurant list.  

In New York, Erik is a big ambassador of Peruvian and Peruvian Nikkei cuisine.  

In this episode, we will discuss Erik’s unique family background, his passion for Peruvian culture, what Nikkei cuisine is, how he expresses the uniqueness of Peruvian food on his plates, and much much more!

Photo Courtesy of Paul Barbera

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