Our guest is Shinobu Kato who is the owner and brewer of Kato Sake Works in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Shinobu soft-opened his sake brewery in March 2020 after several years of dreaming and careful planning while working as IT project manager at a major corporation in the US.

As you may know, New York City already has the first sake brewery Brooklyn Kura in Industry City, which opened in 2017.  The owners Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan joined us twice (Episodes 105 & 176) to discuss their experience of opening and managing a craft sake brewery outside Japan.  Now here is the second craft sake brewery in New York City where Shinobu makes unique sake that is both authentic and American.  

In this episode, we will discuss how Shinobu got into sake, his life philosophy that prompted him to a new career, the challenges he has been facing in making Japanese sake abroad and much, much more!

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