Our guests are Alexis Agliano Sanborn and Chris Whittaker.  Alexis joined us on Episode 106 in 2018 to discuss the production of her new film “Nourishing Japan”. She is the producer and director of the film and now it is finally on view.  Chris is a professional composer, conductor and pianist, and he created beautiful songs for the film. 

Their new film “Nourishing Japan” introduces us to the unique Japanese food education philosophy through an example of the unique school lunch programs at an elementary school in the Tohoku region.  Healthy eating has become an important subject globally in recent years. The Japanese government enacted new legislation for food education, or Shokuiku, in 2005 to improve Japanese people’s diet and lifestyle of all ages.  The film inspires us to think what food education can do to our healthy mind, body and beyond. 

In this episode, we will discuss the philosophy of Japanese food education, how the Japanese school lunch programs differ from those in the US and other countries, what children actually can learn thought the programs, who support the system to function and much, much more!!! 

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