Our guest is Kanariya Eiraku who is a rakugo-ka or traditional Japanese comic storyteller. 

Rakugo is a unique form of entertainment that became popular in the 17th century during the Edo period. A storyteller sits on the stage alone only with a folding fan and a hand towel. These are the only props used during the performance. But once the rakugoka starts talking, you are in another world. The rakugo-ka would quickly draws you into the story and you would feel as if you were sitting right next to the characters. And there is always a surprise punch line at the end! 

That is why rakugo has been very popular for centuries. Rakugo is becoming global lately and there are even non-Japanese rakugo-ka like Katsura Sunshine who joined us on Episode 102. 

Eiraku san is one of the rakugo ambassadors who inspire the world with the power of Japanese-style yet universal humor in English. 

In this episode, we will discuss what exactly rakugo is, how Eiraku san got into rakugo, why rakugo is so unique and powerful, food-related rakuro stories and much, much more!!! (Also, Eiraku san will perform rakugo for us!) 

For Eiraku san's upcoming events and classes, go to 

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