Our guest is Jeremy Hunter who is the Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management.  

Jeremy teaches corporate executives how to examine their lives, because he thinks that you cannot manage people without managing yourself first.  You may have heard of the concept of flow state or being in the zone or the Zen state and his approach is based on it.  

I got to know Jeremy through a very inspiring YouTube video hosted by the Japan Society’s President & CEO Joshua Walker.   In that video, Jeremy explained how he conquered an incredibly challenging experience of survival, which we are going to talk about and how he uses his learning from the experience to empower others. 

Jeremy's mindset and the concept of flow are deeply related to Japanese culture (and he is half Japanese too!).  

In this episode, we will discuss Jeremy’s truly inspiring personal story that made him who he is now, the concept of flow state, his 86-year-old father-in-law’s philosophy who still cooks at his legendary yakitori restaurant in Japan and much, much more!!!

You can find Jeremy here:


Transform (Japan): https://transform-your-world.com/

Japanese book: Amazon  link

Executive Mind Leadership Institute:  https://www.cgu.edu/center/executive-mind-leadership-institute/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGJYxcDUUQYzCni5QDQVH2Q

TEDx Talk (How to Change Your Future):  https://youtu.be/8-j6Qfj8udg

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