Art by David Wynne. Prints and cards available at the shop, or contact David to purchase the original.

In which Logan Bonner, Max Carleton, and Crystal Frasier hike up their boxers and join us at the gaming table for an X-Men: Evolution tabletop adventure; what happens in virtual reality stays in virtual reality; Shadowcat is great at boats; Jubilee and Boom Boom blow up everything; Havok tries; and Team Reckless Endangerment wins the day!


Logan Bonner as Writer and Gamemaster / Erik the Rad
Max Carleton as the Shadowcat / Pirate Kitty
Crystal Frasier as Jubilee / the Genie
Jay Edidin as Havok / the Corsair
Miles Stokes as Boom Boom / Boomavara

NEXT EPISODE: Live from RCCC, with Greg Pak!

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