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In which we get a visit from Kid Apocalypse and debut a track from his upcoming album; Jay No-Prizes Community; Rahne of Terra is pretty damn delightful; Cable is an armchair editor; we finally release the unexpurgated version of Dennis Hopeless's version of the Noodle Incident; and you remain--to nobody's surprise--the best listeners of any podcast, ever.


Kid Apocalypse (Quinn Allan)
Portland Snowpocalypse 2017
"Return of the King"
Rapping in character
Beats in the gutters
A vehement defense of Nate Grey
Wolverine: Rahne of Terra
Many puns of varying quality
EiC Cable
A definitely 100% true and accurate explanation of the Noodle Incident
The Third Annual Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau Awards for Excellence at X-Cellence

NEXT EPISODE: The debut of Gambit!

In retrospect, we should totally have made reference to the song "Beards Going Nowhere" during our discussion of surfing the timestream on glam hair. We regret the omission.

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