In which we make our Comics Alliance debut, Cyclops makes a startling discovery, Carol Danvers joins the team (sort of), Chris Claremont calls out some bullshit, Havok still has terrible taste in hats, and Peter Corbeau gets his own theme music

Content note: In this episode, we spend a lot of time talking about a rape that occurs in a previous Avengers arc, the community and narrative response thereto, and the larger landscape and ethics of portrayals of sexual violence in superhero comics.


Mystique's mercurial alliances
Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men
Uncanny X-Men #154-158
Avengers Annual #10
Bollywood Starjammers
The dread Psi-Scream
Shi'ar Fashion Technology
Dr. Peter Corbeau (more) (again)
Carol Danvers
The Whole Marcus Thing
Chris Claremont vs. rape culture
Gender politics of the Dark Phoenix Saga

Next week: Dracula!

Clarification, since we neglected to specify in the episode: Avengers #200 was written by James Shooter, George Pérez, Bob Layton, and David Michelinie; Avengers Annual #10 was written by Chris Claremont.

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