David is still on vacation. Please enjoy this reasonable gentleman and his fancy accoutrements!

In which the 616 was inside Age of X all along; everyone is very sassy; an attempt at political commentary falls very flat; Wolfsbane kills a straw man; everything is better with Larry Stroman; the Rule of Cool is not transitive; X-Factor Quicksilver is the best Quicksilver; and some allegories are subtler than others.


How to hide a universe
"War and Pieces"
X-Factor #76-78
The Incredible Hulk #390-392
Open-ended vs. trade pacing
Rick Jones, professional tag-along
The Eisenhower Doctrine
The Reagan Doctrine
The ethics of cannibalism
Fictional pigeon aficionados
As story that isn't about abortion but is definitely about abortion
X-Factor vs. due process
A very hazardous game of tug-of-war
Gratuitous X-planation
An unnecessary but well-intended rescue attempt
The death of Vic Chalker
Irresponsible parenting
The second generation of mutants

NEXT EPISODE: Tom Taylor talks X-Men Red and All-New Wolverine!

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