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In which Shattershot is definitely better than the Cold War; Beast X-plains the X-teams; Cyclops is a tired babysitter; sustenance is not frivolous; Jim Henson is the hero that Mojoworld needs; Shatterstar is not a great head of state; it's hard to be Val Cooper; and Cable has definitely figured out how to take you (yes, YOU) out.


Content-to-story ratio
The Mojoverse (more) (again)
Shatterstar (Gaveedra Seven)
Spiral (Ricochet Rita)
X-Men Annual #1
Uncanny X-Men Annual #16
X-Factor Annual #10
X-Force Annual #1
A pivotal battle
A callback
Several denizens of Mojoworld
X-Team disambiguation
The Death Sponsors
A dubious solution to the Kobayashi Maru scenario
Whether Arize is a mutant
Telepathic favoritism
Spiral's origin story
A new regime
Powerpax (Frankie Power)
A metasingularity
A large number of back-up features
The X-Men's top ten enemies
Amalgam (but not that one)
Darick Robertson's juvenilia
The return of Taki
The Cable Protocols
Brazilian Marvel characters
Our feelings about Laura Kinney's backstory

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CORRECTION: BonziBuddy was not released until 1999. We regret the error.

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