With guest Greg Rucka!

In which death is a revolving door, we really liked Days of Future Past, space pirates are the best pirates, Vulcan is (still) the worst, Miles has a Corsair costume, Lilandra has lovely plumage, no one knows how to pronounce "M'Kraan," we studiously avoid discussing the Phoenix force, Saurids speak Hebrew, Raza Longknife's name is a bit on the nose, Rachel is the worst at hugs, Greg has a 'ship, and we all kind of identify with Cyclops.


The Starjammers (and how to pronounce their names)
The Shi'ar
The Neremani Dynasty
Apostrophe abuse
The secret origins of the Starjammers
Why Hepzibah talks like that
The Rule of Cool
Visor iterations
Cyclops's dubious deductive skills
The All-New, All-the-Same X-Men
Teenagers, again
Cyclops #1
Cyclops vs. Scott
Rachel's convention sketchbook
Greg's Kitty Pryde feelings
An exceptionally vivid threat
Intergalactic fashion
Corsair's pecs
Key parties in space
The greatest romance of the Marvel Universe

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