A popular instrument in Baroque times was the viol, or viola da gamba, was a instrument similar to guitar but was bowed like a violin. It developed from the bowed vihuela, and some say it was a precursor to the modern classical guitar. The instrument waned in popularity after the Baroque period, but in 1823 Johan Staufer crafted a bowed guitar called the Arpeggione. My guest, Jonathan Wilson, took an interest in this instrument and for over 30 years studied and built and updated model and by 2002 the first Guitar Viol was born. Jonathan's company, TogaMan GuitarViols, is his company that makes these amazing instruments and tonight we take a look at the Guitar Viol. This instrument is becoming very popular with film and tv music composers, so you will want to check this out!!

Link for TogaMan GuitarViols: https://togamanguitars.com/