Full ahead and damn the podcasts! This week, we three sit back (in Neil’s case, lay back on the broken couch he was supposed to have fixed) and shoot the sh#t.

We open speaking of the shows we’ve seen recently. Music shows, not like The Mandalorian or something. Then we exercise our copyright on Music Neüs with some sad news about Juice WRLD, good news about ol’ pal Brian Posehn, and some barrage news about Knotfest. Then we break out stuff we’ve sent each other in the text chains.

Please submit your music or station identifications to the name of the show at gmail dot com. 


"Chico’s Bodega" by Bedrooms

"Speeding Motorcycle" by Ben Lee (Daniel Johnston cover)

"Bad Year" by Sicko


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A legendary history of music via Archie Henderson and Adrian Grey

The miracle that is Jon Sudano

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