Air Week: November 9-15, 2020

Aladdin Records, Pt. 2 – 1950-53

The “Juke In The Back” presents part 2 in our 3 part series on Aladdin Records, one of the most important independent labels of the pre-rock era. Part 2 will pick up the Aladdin Records Story in 1950 and carry it through til rock n’ roll began hitting the mainstream in 1953-54. This week, we’ll hear more hits from Aladdin’s early hit-makers, Amos Milburn and Charles Brown. We’ll also dig some of the newcomers, like Floyd Dixon, Peppermint Harris, Calvin Boze, Shirley & Lee, the Five Keys and more. Aladdin was a rare label in that almost everything they pressed was worth hearing. If you ever see a discarded Aladdin 45 by an artist you’ve never heard before, pick it up, because chances are it’ll make you very, very happy. Next week, part 3 will close down the series on Aladdin on the “Juke In The Back” with Matt The Cat.