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This week, Matt, Mike, and Unoclay talk about Sakurai's Gameography, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo, the Sonic Movie, other video game movies and more!

0:00 - Intro and Sonic Slippers=
4:41 - Matt - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo
18:33 - What's worse for Star Wars, EA or Disney?
21:21 - No, The FF7 Remake Demo Isn't Hard
24:31 - Mike - Sonic Adventure 1+2 mods, League of Legends, Tokyo Mirage Sessions
31:32 - Unoclay - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Hello Kitty World (NES), Ape Out
40:08 - Shoutout! to sssets! Developer of Ape Out helps Membrane developer (@sssets)
43:55 - de Blob's Approach to Music
48:22 - Ducktales Remastered back on Digital Stores, Tangent on Donkey Kong Games
53:20 - Cooking Mama: Cookstar Announced
57:31 - GDC Delayed, E3 Still Coming, and Dirty Cities
1:02:48 - Smash: No Plans for Third Fighter Pass, Discussion of Sakurai's Other Games
1:15:08 - Sonic Movie Review (some early story spoilers and joke spoilers)
1:43:51 - Mike Feels Sony has Abandoned PS4, Nintendo's 2020, Nintendo Playstation Auction

Our Nintendo Playstation Bets:
Unoclay: 430k
Mike: 600k
Matt: 500k

Mike's Playthrough of Mario Party 64 Rom Hack: