Seattle-based collective Polyrhythmics specializes in a flavorful blend of progressive funk, psychedelic rock and modern afro-beat. As Troy Nelson explains in this week’s episode of Live on KEXP, it’s music for the "heads.” Their songs take time to unravel, rewarding patient listeners with a lush and intricate experience that defies the current song trends for something more gratifying. When the world is a whirlwind, don’t forget– take the time to let something develop.

Listen to Troy Nelson wax poetic about the value of music “heads” as well as delving into the often-limiting current trends happening with music ahead of Polyrhythmics’ spirited set featuring four songs from 2020’s 'Man From The Future.’

Recorded 02/21/2020.

  1. Digital Cowboy
  2. The Cutdown
  3. Yeti, Set, Go
  4. Chelada

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