John Richards is proud to present this episode of the Music That Matters podcast, spotlighting a diverse group of artists who are sharing beauty, intensity, and fun through their music. There's dream pop, electronica, shoegaze, soul and more. We could not be more excited to share these new tracks with the KEXP community.. so, what are you waiting for? 

1. The Innocence Mission - On Your Side
2. Daisies - What Are You Waiting For?
3. TORRES- Good Scare
4. Caspian - Flowers of Light
5. The Sweet Release of Death - Sway
6. Citrus Clouds - A Pastel Sky
7. Deserta - Hide
8. HOLY - You Shine On Me (feat. Boys)
9. MGMT - In the Afternoon
10. Hotels - Sides
11. Jonathan Emile - Savanna
12. Holy Fuck - Free Gloss (feat. Nick Allbrook of Pond)

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