Bread Pilot - "Crook," from the 2022 album New To You on Double Double Whammy

Bread Pilot began in 2011, when high school students Taylor Hayden (guitar/vocals), Stephen Ibanez Jr. (guitar/vocals), and Evan House (drums) would practice in Hayden's mother's home. In fact, today's Song of the Day is named after Crook Horn Road, where a teenaged Hayden would host basement shows.

After graduating, the trio relocated to Seattle, choosing to record their debut album at The Unknown in Anacortes. “We had a bunch of different musicians playing on tracks that made them so much better, adding in this new flair," Hayden told Under the Radar. "The best part of recording is that the process is so fun. That’s another strength that all of us have. When we’re starting on recording, putting our heads together, it’s like building.”

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