Fan Girl - "falling (ft Elizabeth M Drummond)," a 2023 single on Mandatory Music

Australian pop-punk outfit Fan Girl returns with another KEXP Song of the Day pick: "falling" featuring guest vocals from Elizabeth M. Drummond. 

“Lyrically, ‘falling’ is about how the honeymoon period in a relationship is just the beginning. While it can be an electric and pleasurably nauseating period, it’s not the best bit, and it’s often not the real bit," the band told Jammer Zine.

"We tracked ‘falling’ at our studio (Taste Police HQ) in Brunswick, Melbourne, feverishly trying to keep the eclectic balance between colour, manic collage, and directness. The amazing Elizabeth M Drummond was kind enough to lend us some vocals, in what became more of a demonic angel choir part. Aaron Cupples [mixing] dealt with the sonic mess and brought it to life with a hot steamy mix. When we were writing and recording ‘falling’, we wanted the verses to be really fun & bouncy, the chorus to be big & crisp like a bullshit FIFA song, and outro to be anthemic but tight.”

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