Princess Nokia - "Gemini" from the 2020 self-released album Everything Is Beautiful.

Earlier this year, New York-born Puerto Rican MC Princess Nokia (real name: Destiny Nicole Frasqueri) released not one, but two albums: the perfectly-titled Everything Sucks and Everything is Beautiful. In a press release, Everything Sucks is described as “a brash, ruthless and insistent collection,” and Everything is Beautiful as “a representation of the sensitive, feminine side of the gender fluid artist.”

Today's Song of the Day reflects that duality as Frasqueri reflects on their astrological sign, the twins of the zodiac. “I am Gemini / Like Pac, André, Lauren / and Kanye, Boy George, and Anne Frank,” they rap. “And all the famous rappers got a sign like me / And all the famous rappers got a heart like me / But I know that I’m different and they’re not quite me.”

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