The Lasso - "No Illusions (feat. Ill Camille & A. Billi Free)" from the 2021 album 2121 on Mello Music Group.

Detroit-based producer Andy Catlin records under the name The Lasso, an apt title as he's able to round up a dozen guest rappers and vocalists for his latest album 2121. (Today's Song of the Day brings in the vocal talents of New Mexico-based vocalist A. Billi Free and Los Angeles-based rapper Ill Camille.) These collaborators received instrumental demos created throughout 2019 and early 2020, and, as The Lasso told Bandcamp, “the finished product wasn’t something I would have ever thought of or composed.”

“Some of the harmonies, nobody thought of them [first],” he continued, “because I sent the track out to three people at the same time, and they didn’t hear each other. They sent their work back to me, and I used one of each of their notes.” 

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