Crack Cloud - "Tunnel Vision" from the 2020 album Pain Olympics on Meat Machine Records.

Through the fog of Vancovuer's opioid crisis, Crack Cloud emerged. “Crack Cloud was an outlet for me during the early days of my rehab,” vocalist and drummer Zach Choy explained to NME. “A way of addressing things I’d internalised over the years, the anxiety and turmoil I used to deal with in more destructive ways.”

Since then, the band has evolved into a full-on arts collective of musicians, film-makers, artists, and designers, many of whom are recovering addicts themselves or people who work with addicts. Their debut album, Pain Olympics, lists almost 30 contributors in both musicianship and artistry. Many of the members of Crack Cloud live and work together in harm reduction units located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

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