Orion Sun - "Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me)" from the 2020 album Hold Space For Me on Mom + Pop Records.

Philadelphia’s Orion Sun – aka songwriter Tiffany Majette – made her official full-length debut earlier this year with Hold Space For Me, but she’s been honing her craft for years with multi-instrumentalist expertise. Bringing in sounds of R&B, soul, and pop together, she tells her story with enthralling prose and dazzling production. 

Her single “Ne Me Quitte Passe (Don’t Leave Me)” takes inspiration from Nina Simone’s rendition of Jacques Brel’s song of the same name. Yet Majette opts to flip the feeling of sadness in Simone’s song and seek joy. Majette describes her song as being about “falling in love unexpectedly & feeling like its too good to be true but actually it’s good and true. This feeling was proof to me that good things can happen to people that feel ugly inside.” 

You can feel it in the lift of her voice as she sings “It feels so good know” you over sparse beats and plucks of guitar. It’s a song for getting lost in hopeless romance, embracing tenderness and living in the bliss of the moment.  

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