Conversations are the most basic form of human interaction. Be it in a workspace or home, meaningful conversations play a major criterion in a person’s daily routine.

At work - coaching is essential in guiding and enabling change - but it is somehow difficult to implement as it requires time and skills. Should we consider other options?

Have you ever focused on what types of conversations you have with your team? Are these conversations strictly limited to work needs or sometimes they go beyond that; maybe having a conversation about personal lives or well-being. In the workplace, conversations between employees about work tasks, meeting, etc are essential to convey messages and get the job done but meaningful conversations between teams and managers help the employees keep their heads clear, increase their efficiency whilst fulfilling their social needs.

Do not wait to have all skills necessary to have a coaching conversation - instead start focusing on the practice of meaningful conversations. 


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🎙️ This episode is hosted by Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino.


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