An extremely insightful conversation with Sebastien Cretegny who brings to us first hand experience on linking purpose with sustainability.

  • 79% of business leaders believe that purpose is essential for success in business. Yet only 34% of leadership decisions are guided by organizational purpose.

  • A majority of the workforce comprising of Gen Z's want to find purpose in everything they do and prefer linking their values to their organizations goals. However according to McKinsey 85% of employees do not find purpose at work.

The main question we target in this video podcast is how to link the companies mission to each individuals aspirations while incorporating sustainability?

The key questions on Purpose and Sustainability in corporates

In this episode of Learn with Bessern, we cover the following questions:

  • How is sustainability related to purpose at work?

  • Is there any proof that purpose and sustainability is a competitive advantage at work?

  • Have any major companies started linking purpose and sustainability?

  • How to define sustainability?

  • What is the clear benefit for employees, customers and financials?

  • Do companies need a Chief Purpose Officer or Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) to drive change?

  • How can companies start injecting sustainability without big budgets?

About our guest Sebastien Cretegny:

Sebastien Cretegny has first hand experience in linking purpose with sustainability: He was a senior leader of the luxury industry thriving his way across the world. During this tenure he felt the urge of realigning himself with his inner values after which he moved on to become the an advocate of sustainability in corporations. He is the founder of Movo Partners in Switzerland. Today he is making sustainable luxury become a thing – Sebastien is helping organizations become purpose driven transforming cultures, mindset and product innovation through sustainability.

This interview is hosted by Ivan Palomino - Managing partner at Bessern 


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