Motivation is what explains why people initiate, continue or terminate a certain behavior at a particular time. The self-determination theory allows us to find pathways to develop intrinsic motivation in teams at work. Earlier, motivating employees through the carrot and stick approach was still into action but post COVID, when majority of the work force is working from home, living in an uncertain world; what are the ways to motivate your employees. 

Money is definitely not enough to motivate today's employee.!

#1: Show empathy and support.

Recognize that each employee is facing challenges in their own way and that at times they may feel overwhelmed. Let them know you're there to support them, ask how they're doing, and what support they need to do their job. Additionally, identify company and outside resources that they can tap into for support, such as an Employee Assistance Program or wellness resources.

#2: Be positive.

Give employees an honest assessment of current business conditions but stress that you're going to confront them together. Focus on successes your company has had during the crisis and communicate stories about projects or client interactions that went well. Highlight the lessons you've learned and how you're going to leverage that knowledge in the future. Also, communicate with each employee that their work is important.

#3: Offer flexibility.

In response to the pandemic, many employers have adopted or expanded flexible work arrangements, such as telework, staggered shifts, compressed workweeks, and flextime (early arrival or departure). Given the unique circumstances of COVID-19, employers have also had to make telework policies more flexible. For instance, these policies sometimes prohibit employees from taking care of a child or elder during work hours. However, if employees are working from home due to community spread of the virus, children may be home from school with no backup care available. Consider altering deadlines or allowing employees to schedule their work around their child or elder care needs.


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