Everyone wants to be happy but most of us cannot answer to the simple question, why are we unhappy? Many people try doing things differently or believe certain things like landing a better, high paid job will make us happy, but it still does not. In this episode of Learn with Bessern, we will be talking about how happiness is affected through our perceptions, our behavior and our brain.

Our guest speaker Dr. Louise Lambert will help us uncover the truth from a scientific perspective on happiness and demystify common beliefs about what it is and what it is not. In general, happiness is understood as the positive emotions we have in regards to the pleasurable activities we take part in through our daily lives. Pleasure, comfort, gratitude, hope, and inspiration are examples of positive emotions that increase our happiness and move us to flourish. 

About Dr. Louise Lambert: Based in Dubai, She is a Canadian registered psychologist who develops, delivers, and evaluates positive psychology & positive education intervention programs for organizations and schools across the GCC region. She has several peer-reviewed publications, some of which have been featured in recent RAND Corporation and World Happiness Reports (2019). Her research areas include culture and happiness, the development of character strengths for greater PISA scores and employment outcomes for youth, as well as the use of positive psychology for greater subjective wellbeing in the workplace. Since 2015, Dr. Louise has been the Editor of the Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology. She is also the author of the first regional textbook in positive psychology (Springer, 2019), and general psychology (Cambridge, 2018).

How to reach her out: at Happiness Matters or in LinkedIn

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This episode is hosted by Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino

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