In this episode of Learn with Bessern, we cover the challenges leaders face to create workplaces where employees and organizations thrive.

  • The role of leaders to drive better workplaces
  • The opportunity cost of an engaged workforce through increased productivity & well-being
  • The challenges organizations have in this transformation
  • The journey of a life of purpose: learnings from Chris Cummings driving change in the workplace

About the speaker: Chris Cummings

Chris is on a global mission to create workplaces where employees thrive. He is CEO of Sonas Group, organizers of the global series of Wellbeing @ Work Summits and global workplace community The Wellbeing @ Work Hub. Chris is also Co-Founder of The InsideOut Awards and is an advisor to organizations with purpose around the world.

Learn more about WELLBEING AT WORK: - a movement to make health and wellbeing a strategic priority globally.
Insights from the podcast!!!

In recent times the data that has been coming in from a number of reports around the world have shown that employees are more engaged in the workplace. Many companies have on their websites that the people are their biggest asset and now an engaged and purpose driven workforce will deliver higher productivity and loyalty. However workplaces have to work out their strategies in real by creating awareness amongst employees to a whole new level. A healthy and productive workplace from all aspects should be the goal of every organization today.

Chris mentions that it is important for a company to focus on the disengaged people as they tend to bring down the levels of productivity easily. They might just tend to sit there and work because it is part of their work ethic not because they are actually engaging or being productive. It is very necessary to identify these people as they can bring down the morale of a team.

It is a challenge for companies to create this hybrid workplace and to take into account all the members different ways of working. On of the most important element that a company can follow is to be flexible and adaptive in times of uncertainty or change. Flexibility can only be followed when there is trust within the team members and when the team members trust their leader. Hence building an environment of trust and well-being where employees feel that they can approach their boss without thinking twice is very important.

Chris also stresses about the importance of working in collaboration. The well-being community is the most collaborative community and it is very essential for every company to have one. They help the company create happy and engaged workplaces.

The company should make sure each individual is able to link their personal interests to that of the companies motives. The younger workforce today particularly the Gen Z's are lookin for a sense of purpose within their workplace. They are more than just the financial need and want to feel like they are makin a difference with the work they do. Hence linking purpose and well-being should definitely be a part of talent attraction for workplaces today.

Lastly, it is very important for every leader to develop consistent routines to be emotionally intelligent and capable of displaying empathy. Training and other learning activities should take place in organizations as it is essential for every people's manager to develop their soft skills.


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