During COVID times - one of the biggest catalyst for change in organizations has been the people behind Human Resources. But things have been piling up on the desks of HR: day to day processes, culture change at work, well-being of employees, digitalization projects, etc. Many agree that the department is the one having the biggest disruption during these times.

It is time to ask ourselves:

➡️ Who is taking care of HR when HR is taking care of others?

➡️ How can they have the mental resilience to cope with the tsunami of changes, the amount of work and make the department a key stakeholder in times of transformation?

During this podcast we cover:

- The HR shift in organizations: from guardian of processes to human empowerment

- The 3 top resources for HR in times of change: Resilience, Growth Mindset and Empathy

- The 3 top HR disruptions to embrace the future with confidence

- The strategic future of HR: Company Purpose, People Empowerment and culture game changer.


📖 Here is an interesting reading to complement this podcast on Giving Importance to Individual Purpose of Employees!


This episode is hosted by Fernanda Martinez,  Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino

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