Episode 106: Who’s Your Daddy?

Hello all! There was a really really bad day.....but then the universe made up for it with an extra happy day! The ladies Marched with Aliens, and Lara got to meet her Idol! (and anther really famous guy....but neither of the ladies knew who he was, so they just sorta pretended to be excited.) The Last installment of porn and Funyons has come and gone. (Aka 50 shades of bleh.) And Is there anything more American than Costco? Lara fills in missing stories from last week’s episode, and Erin blows the whistle on a Swimsuit controversy.

And then! It’s Father’s Day! Vindication day!
Who’s more responsible for the festivities, the kids or the spouse? What are the vital characteristics of being a dad? The ladies love their daddies, and share their ideas on Why this holiday really counts. Time to tune in!