Episode 107- Hereditary Food

Welcome back! The ladies have bespoken.....It’s Royally time to get this episode started! Erin has founded a zoo for the emotionally challenged, and has devised a plan to prevent prison breaks between peep shows. But will she find time to chase turkeys in her nightie? Only time will tell! Lara says cut your kids dang hair! (But maybe not til after they see Hereditary, so they have something to hide behind.....) BTW, what are your thoughts on what is said to be the scariest movie EVER? To see, or not to see?

And then! Time for an International snack taste test! And What did Erin discover price comparising 3 different stores? How do you food? Do you tradition? Lara reminds us of our favorite 80’s treats, and reveals what all our worldly listeners are snacking on. Also, Erin owns a gag-tastic recipe book, available for anyone who wants to borrow it!

Grab a snack and listen up!