Episode 91- Disneyland Overture

We’re back, and we begin with a bang! Right at the beginning of the episode, Lara dishes out Pay backs for sleepless Disneyland nights!

But before we get to the main event.....Erin is extra crispy, drops her favorite swear, and plays a game of good Jared, bad Jared. She also feels gipped because Lara refuses to suck on her bears. But the good news is there’s potty training success in the awake bathroom! (Btw, what rhymes with “longer”?)

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Btw, it’s L.A.R.A., and she refuses to be broken or wear a onesie! Piglet feng shui keeps the demons away! And Maxx melts his mama’s heart (and receives a letter from the president!)

Disneyland! Have the ladies taken it too far by sharing pharmeceuticals, hotel rooms, and bathroom stalls? Did the DLand hotel hold up to the hype? Also, The ladies might’ve been a little too judgmental during the trip.....Eyebrows! Creepers! And Did you know that if you can afford a ticket to Disneyland, you can probably afford an entire shirt?? When did Fezzik start guarding the jazzy brigade?! Disneyland olympics! Shower chicken! Lara takes advantage of the dark rides, and more on today’s show!