Episode 93: Pucker up, Buttercup!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! We have a subject for you that everyone will love......It’s a kissy kissy sort of day! All things kissing! Why do we kiss, why do we like to kiss, what makes a good kiss? Who have the ladies kissed, and how do they want to be kissed?

And also, where in the world did Valentine’s Day come from, and what would the ladies like to say to guys who don’t want to celebrate “a commercial holiday”?

But first..... The ladies aren’t aroused by a love potion, but never fear, THE Jared is on his way to the rescue! Also, Thank you for the outpouring of love ya’ll have given to us lounge ladies....boy, have we needed it!

Erin, put down the knife!!! Lara’s mom is leaving her cryptic messages from beyond the grave, and making her lights flicker. And let us count the ways we love them....The Neumans come to the rescue again! Anyway, things are weird. But we love you. So here we are. Time to listen.