Episode 94: I Think I Wanna Marry You!

Welcome back to a month of love! We have announcements: The voices in Erin’s head work, and Gifts from Nicole are the best!
Cereal killer (yep, we meant “cereal”) Piglet must stop growing! Erin spies a grazer on Valentine’s Day, and Has her hands on Jared’s sweaty pits! Speaking of our favorite bands, what’s up with all the bad singles lately?? We’re looking at you, Matthew!

MFM and flower thieves! #*%€ the porch thieves! More antibiotics for Lara!!
Erin’s gets a parent win, But why are other parents dressing their little girls like strippers??
Erin wants a darker Mouth than she already has. And we want to know, do you Want a limited edition shot-glass? Give us a review!

The month of love continues! First comes love, then comes the “will you”. We share your proposal stories! Oh, and ours too! Also in this love package: Engagement traditions. When’s the best time to propose? (During thong munch, duh!) Engagement superstitions, longest engagements, and more!