We are so lucky, because Cindy the queen is joining us today to chat about a very special subject! But first....Erin is SO moved! Lara overdid it, pizza style. Cindy is not impressed with lounge drinks. One of the ladies has some very impressive acrobatic skills! I tried that....and ended up with dry buns. And then onto the main event....a subject that affects EVERYONE, whether or not you know it....and that subject is Autism. Both Lara and Cindy have autistic sons, and very openly share the ins and outs of the amazing opportunity that is raising an autistic child. Where do we turn for support, and what do we desperately want every parent and child to know about our kids? We dive deep....VERY deep into this amazing and emotional world. DISCLAIMER: We aren't experts (just moms willing to open up emotionally and share our opinions), and this discussion covers only a tiny fraction of the world of autism.