Happy Valentine's Day all you sexy beasts! (Disclaimer....the ladies schmooze about their husbands. A lot. You've been warned.) Erin and Shaela have returned from their puppy-delivery road trip! They come back bearing gifts and a new tradition.....and a warning to never google a certain animal! While they were gone, Lara stubbed her toe on a chicken brick, and Kasey played a game involving hundreds of push-ups. (Really, Kasey? Games are supposed to be fun!) After everyone gets soft and tingly, the girls reminisce about how they met their husbands, who said the three scary words first, and who proposed to who! Kasey is eternally grateful for burned mac-n-cheese and steamy hot springs; Lara won Kevin with the most embarrassing one-liner EVER; Shaela's tinder experiment done went country, and Madame Erin snagged her man with a pool stick and some balls. What are the ladies getting their spouses for VD? And do you need some last minute gift ideas?? Listen now! We'll help!