It's the Season One Finale, and Oi Vey, do we have a treat for you!!
Erin concocts the most secret of fudges! Lara finally tries eggnog and also makes food so delicious that Erin has to spit it out! Kasey makes a scrumptious mistake, and also, who did she beat at her weight lifting competition? (Answer: Everyone!) Shaela has just survived the Black Plague, Kasey develops a speech impediment, how the hell do you pronounce "Ghirardelli", and which tastes worse: a dead fish Jelly bean or a spoiled milk one?
There's no arguing that bacon grease and salted sweet cream butter are heavenly foods, but one argument remains: Which is uglier, Lara's accent or Minnesotan accents??
Merry Christmas from the lounge ladies of LOTRP!