Who stole Lara’s death chocolate? Seriously, who steals death chocolate?? Anyway, welcome back! Man, do we have a lot to gab about! Erin wants Lara to act more like a girl, and Lara teaches Erin all about “natural flavors”.  Have you enjoyed beaver-flavored food today? You probably have and you don’t even know it! Lara tries the worst recipe ever and is convinced that the zombie apocalypse is starting at Shaela’s House.  Erin’s thinking about potty-training, and is serenaded with a topic- appropriate, original dramatic reading.  Then on to the main event! Parent fails!! The ladies are a little bit too honest about their bad parenting moves (seriously, don’t send hate mail.  We are very much aware of our shortcomings!) Erin lets her dog do the dirty work, and Lara....er....”Tara”, is a special spirit when it comes to motherhood. The ladies also throw in a few listener parent fails so that they can feel a little better about their own short-comings!   On a more serious note, Erin opens up about her angel baby and has a special message for everyone.  
Also, join us at Lagoon on October 14th! Bighorn Terrace is where you’ll find us! Until then, rock on and give this hilarious new episode a listen!