We briefly share our own origin stories and make a stop by the complain department before jumping right into the week in review where we recap shows #1847-#1851 in a collectors series. As discussed on the show our clip of the week  comes from TBTL #1848 Hunting For Humblebrags and you can hear the episode of Grapes of Rad where Andrew get catrolled in it's entirety on their page here:  Grapes Of Rad #269 "Honking It". Shameless plug from Jeremy: As Christy mentioned on the show I'd love it if you would check out one of my other shows Better World Radio, it's a short (less than 30 minute) monthly podcast I produce for a Seattle based nonprofit.  Just search for "Better World Radio" in your podcatcher of choice or find the show on iTunes, subscribe to the RSS feed, or find all the show posts here