Psst! Get your lab coats and safety goggles, and don’t let Mike know where you’re going, because Meredith and Ann are stepping into the LRB lab to bring you a clip show all about TBTL and science. First, we talk about how we became scientists, what exactly we do for our jobs (because let’s face it, it’s kind of complicated and everybody’s too scared to ask), and what kind of challenges we face as women in science. Then we delve into some clips of our TBTL friendos dipping their toes into the world of studies, sample sizes, and experimental design. Jen and Luke can’t believe the things Canadians want to study, but we think they’re kinda missing the point. A crazy British scientist says we don’t need to bathe; Ann thinks you should never maintain the same hygiene level as The Mummy. Luke and Andrew are at odds over the restorative power of a nature walk. And a man with an unfortunate medical condition leads Meredith to ponder “all the things we do to allow men with no boners to have boners.”